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The Last Fall

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Release date: March 18, 2016

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend this series to anyone that wants a change to their usual genres. Judy Serrano pens a fantastic addition to the series and as it was left on a cliffhanger I am sure there will be another book soon." - R. Simons 

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Octavio Montiago has been living in his cousin’s shadow for years. Diego Montiago Jr., also known as Junior, has taken over the organization from his step-father and has made quite a name for himself. As he and his cousin Octavio co-run the syndicate together, Octavio finds himself unable to keep out of trouble on his own, leaving his cousin consistently in charge of damage control. 

Finally, Octavio has met his match and falls in love with the beautiful Siobhan. Although Siobhan is on the right side of the law, that makes her the enemy of the Montiago family. As Octavio continues to walk down the path of desperation, things take a turn for the worst. The Mafia encroaches upon his life, forcing him to make a difficult decision. As he finally feels he has met with some peace, the odds are yet again against him. Can Junior get him out of this one, or is Octavio on his own to free yet another damsel in distress. Is love worth dying for? You be the judge.

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