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Relatively Close

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Release date: February 3, 2012

"This is one series that I just adore! Heart pounding, blood pumping, it just screams sexiness. It has everything from passion, romance, love, danger, and excitement. Judy Serrano really knows how to keep a reader on their toes throughout the entire story! Not one dull moment in the Montiago family, let me tell you!..." 

- Uniquely Moi Books

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Recovering from the latest family trauma has made the Montiago family wake up to the fact that their priorities have definitely been misplaced. With Max throwing himself into the depths of his work as an FBI operative, he inadvertently sends the wrong message to his wife and brothers. In Relatively Close, the third book of the series, Lilly fights for the attention of her husband, until it becomes painfully clear that she is up against a mistress way more powerful than the ones she has fought before. Keeping it relatively close is something with which Lilly is way too familiar. She turns her attentions to another, only to find out that the reality of the business, which has kept her dripping in diamonds and living in mansions, is nothing more than an ugly reminder of El Diablo anda suelto: The devil running loose.

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